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Eisenhower High School is the only Aldine campus that is an authorized school for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP), and we are currently one of only 43 IB Diploma Schools in the state of Texas. Students who earn the full IB diploma and satisfy certain score requirements are granted 24 hours of college credit at any public college or university in Texas. Many other universities in the United States and throughout the world also award credit for high scores attained on IB exams. The Eisenhower IB Diploma Programme has an application process and a few prerequisite course requirements, but any student throughout the entire Aldine District with a passion for learning and a strong work ethic are encouraged to apply.

The IB Diploma is a comprehensive two-year curriculum (junior and senior years) whose core is based upon international standards in six subject areas. We offer the following courses:

Group 1: Language A

Group 2: Language B

Group 3: Individuals and Societies
History of the Americas

Group 4: Experimental Sciences

Group 5: Mathematics
Mathematical Studies
Mathematics SL

Group 6: The Arts and Electives
Visual Arts
Or a second course from Group 4

The IB Diploma candidate is required to choose one course from each of the six areas above, as well as complete a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, an extended essay (EE), and a creativity, action, and service (CAS) component. 

Various assessments, both internal and external, are done over the two years, with final examinations written in each subject. Each of the six IB subjects is scored on a 1 to 7 scale, with an additional 3 points available for TOK and the EE. In order to be awarded the diploma, students must meet defined standards and conditions, including a minimum of 24 points (out of a possible 45) and the satisfactory completion of the TOK, EE, and CAS requirements. 

The IB Diploma Programme prepares students with the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful in higher education and in their employment. The International Baccalaureate Organization’s goal is to provide students with the values and opportunities that will enable them to develop sound judgment, make wise choices, and respect others in the global community. Universities throughout the world recognize the outstanding qualities of IB diploma students. They have a capacity for in-depth study, know how to research a topic, and how to clearly express their opinions. Typically, they are ready to debate real-world issues from an international perspective, and provide leadership in their local and global community.

Eisenhower Magnet Preparatory Program:

To help prepare students for the rigor of the Diploma Programme, we offer an Eisenhower Magnet Preparatory Program for sophomore students. It also has an application process, but students who are accepted will be automatically entered into the IB Diploma Programme their junior year if they successfully complete the curriculum and maintain standards for their sophomore year.

If you would like any additional information about the IB Diploma Programme, or our Eisenhower Magnet Program Preparatory courses for sophomores, please contact: Ms. Williams at Eisenhower by calling 281-878-0900, or call the District Magnet Office at 281-985-6559, or visit

2017-2018 Application now available, download below.

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Download your application below! Once complete please submit to 
Bobby Mansour 
IB Coordinator
7922 Antoine Dr. 
Houston, TX 77088

The Eisenhower Diploma Programme adheres to policies mandated by the IB organization in addition to the Aldine district wide policies. These four policies are Academic Honesty, Language, Special Education Needs, and Assessment. They can be found below in and downloaded for your review.