Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Contact Information  

Aldine Sr Training Rm Leslie Morris 281-878-0640
Aldine Sr Training Rm Leslie Rivera 281-878-0640
Davis Sr Training Rm Alberta Nichols 281-539-4070
Davis Sr Training Rm Isaac Diaz 281-539-4070
Eisenhower Sr Training Rm Ricky Nelson 281-878-0942
Eisenhower Sr Training Rm Marshalle Bradley 281-878-0942
MacArthur Sr Training Rm Zakia Tillis 281-985-6696
MacArthur Sr Training Rm Colby Harris 281-985-6696
Nimitz Sr Training Rm Shauna White 281-233-4360
Nimitz Sr Training Rm Chad Whiteneck 281-233-4360
Aldine ISD Medical Director Dr. Scott Rand, Methodist Hospital

Affiliated Sports Medicine Clinics
Richmond Bone and Joint Clinics
(Dr. Henry Small)

Athletic Orthopedics and Knee Center
(Dr. Juan Bustos, Dr. Jack Jensen)

KSF Orthopedics
(Red Oak Clinic) 281-440-6960
(Willowbrook Clinic) 832-912-7804
(Dr. Michael George, Dr. Ray Fitzgerald, Dr. Mike Dean)

Methodist Willowbrook Center for Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine 
13802 Centerfield Rd. Suite 300, Houston TX. 77070
(281) 737-2120
(Dr. Moseley, Dr. Rand and Dr. Sealhoffer)

Recommended Locations for Athletic Physicals 

Achievement Medical Clinic
8240 Antoine Drive, Suite 107

Alivio Medical Clinic
2409 Aldine Mail Rt

Charles Fontanier, D.O.
210 West Greens Road Suite C
Northside Clinic
5135 Aldine Mail Rt

NPC Family Health Clinic
412 N. Sam Houston Parkway