Eisenhower High School SNHS Students Clean Up Galveston Beach

Eisenhower High School SNHS Students Clean Up Galveston Beach
Posted on 10/28/2015
Beach Clean Up

Eisenhower High School SNHS Students Clean Up Galveston Beach


The Science National Honor Society of Eisenhower High School has been busy. The student members took part in the Fall Beach Cleanup at Galveston Island State Park.

Thousands of volunteers remove an average of 500 tons of trash each year from Texas beaches.

Galveston Island Park protects 2,000 acres of upper Gulf Coast ecosystems. This is the last undeveloped land on Galveston.

Eisenhower-High-School-Science-National-Honor-Society-Cleans-Up-Galveston-Beach-1The 28 Ike students and three chaperones covered the east end of the state park. They picked up man-made debris like plastic that endangers nature and wildlife. The students looked for items that could create instances of entanglement or ingestion. They also picked up debris that could create physical damage to ecosystems.

The hands-on experience made an impact on the student members of the SNHS. They realized the effect that litter has on the environment. The students now understand the importance of recycling and proper trash disposal.

Eisenhower-High-School-Science-National-Honor-Society-Cleans-Up-Galveston-Beach-2Galveston supports a mosaic of coastal habitats, including beaches, prairies, marshes and wetlands. These habitats host a surprising variety of wildlife.

Shell, Ocean Conservancy, Schlumberger and NOAA sponsored the Fall Beach Cleanup.

Since 1986, more than 476,000 volunteers have removed 9,000 tons of trash. That is more than 17 million pounds from Texas beaches and estuaries.

Eisenhower HS made U.S. News & World Report’s Best High Schools in the U.S. rankings. Eisenhower is also an International Baccalaureate World School.