Summer School Information

Summer School Information
Posted on 06/07/2017
Summer School Information

To the Parent/Guardian:

We are working diligently at Eisenhower to ensure that your student is successful in the classroom as well as on the upcoming administration of the Summer EOC exams.  Students must pass all STARR/EOC and grade specific credit courses to meet graduation requirements. Our number one goal is for your student to graduate high school. Summer School provides an opportunity  for your student to either recover a credit lost due to failure or an opportunity to pass a STARR test.  I have listed some important information to make sure that your student is successful:

I .  Summer School Hours- Monday through Friday from June 6111 to June 29th

a.            Morning Session  7:30am to 11:30 am

b.    Afternoon Session 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

2 Student Attendance

a.     Students are only allowed to miss two days during the Summer b.              Attendance will be taken each and every day

3.    Student Behavior

a.    There is no Detention or SAC(ISS) in Summer School. If your student violoates the student code of conduct in any way, he or she may be  removed from Summer School.

4.     Student Testing

a.     STARR testi ng will take place during the week of June 19'h through the 23nl.

i. English I  will be held on June 19'h n.    English II will be held on June 21"

iii.   Algebra, U.S  History, and Biology will be held on June 20'h


Should you have questions or concerns, please call the school @ (281) 878- 0900.Summer Office hours arc 7:00 - 5:30 Monday - Thursday.


Brian K. Wilson

Eisenhower Administration